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Service in analysis of microarray data

GenexAnalysis offers comprehensive analysis of microarray gene expression data. Our service is specialized in assays with small number of replicates and problematic data. A typical analysis includes:

Services also include consultations in experiment design and assistance in the preparation of manuscripts for publication.

Problematic experiments or data

We specialize in analysis of problematic experiments with inconsistent or noisy data and experiments without replicates, with duplicates and small number of replicates. We carry out comprehensive quality evaluation, including detailed dispersion analysis. To achieve our goal of maximum reliability in selection of genes with significantly different expression we use – beside the standard approaches – our original methods [1-4], developed and tested during 13 years of experience in the field of microarray analysis.

The following sections, Analysis of Microarray Data and Statistics of Gene Expression Arrays, briefly describe our approach to analysis, detection and correction of problems in data and the methods employed for gene expression statistics. Information about submission of data, a description of report formats, rough estimate of cost and other data can be found in the section Additional Information. List of 16 programs written in Excel Visual Basic used for handling of Excel tables, searches in annotations and some statistics is also included in this section. Cited articles are listed in the Reference page and our address, telephone numbers and other information in Contact page.







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